Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Come to Cabaret Night!

I'm spending my week baking all sorts of goodies for Saturday night's first ever show choir Cabaret Night. Ryan is involved of course as a member of Show Choir, and he is also doing a spoken word piece with a violinist. I can't wait, although it's going to be a very busy day. If you are local please come--I've seen some of the silent auction baskets and they are amazing!

Doors and Silent Auction start at 6pm, show at 7pm, tickets are only $5.00 and all proceeds will benefit the Marysville Choral program!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cheap Trick!

My heart has belonged to Cheap Trick for 30 years and 15+ concerts throughout those years. Only The Beatles (and to be really honest...Donny Osmond) have held my heart for longer. Even though I already own every darned version of Cheap Trick at Budokan ever released I'll be at my local big box mega buy store bright and early on November 11th. Why? To purchase the latest re-re-re-release of Budokan, of course. In a Box Set. With a DVD of the actual concert. In Dolby 5.1 even.

I may blow out DH's surround sound system on November 11th, but oh boy, it WILL be worth it.

To be fair I did wear out my original Budokan, which was on 8-track. Even now I still "hear" the track changover during Big Eyes in my head!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Acceptance Letter!

My oldest son has officially been accepted to college! Drexel University has not only accepted my baby boy, but admitted him to their Honors College AND awarded him a nice scholarship!

No, he has not actually visited Drexel or even seriously considered them before they waived the application fees (and, I think the essay requirements to apply??) But they do have his major along with a solid co-op program. We'll see what happens next, since we haven't heard a thing yet from the other schools we know he's applying to. For that matter, perhaps this will motivate him to apply for some scholarships and finish any outstanding applications in the next few weeks.

Sniff...I'm such a proud Mommy!

My new favorite e-tailer!

I love candles. Always have, always will, even sold Partylite for a while because I loved their products so much. Now that my stash is shrinking I started looking for a new source to feed my candle love. Thanks to the folks on the Lush forums, I decided to order some candle tarts from Laughing out Loud Candles & Soaps a while back. Pricing, service, and delivery time was excellent and the scents--fantastic! I'm particularly fond of Amish Quilt, Romeo Vanilla, Autumn Wreath and just about anything with a cinnamon scent. Today my house smells like Cinnamon Apple Delight! I haven't tried her bath and body items yet but the wax scents are definitely worth checking out. No, I'm not an employee or silent partner or anything like that, just a pleased customer.

Other than obsessing about candles today, I've been recipe searching on Recipezaar while baking a few goodies and doing laundry. I need to get out of my cooking rut and find some easy, teen-friendly, and leftover/freezer/reheating friendly meal ideas! Any suggestions? Plan to make Sloppy Chicken Enchiladas again from simpledailyrecipes.com for dinner since our local HS football team plays in their 1st playoff game in SEVEN years tonight! Go Monarchs!

Kentucky plays MSU at 2:30 (win and they are bowl eligible, but definitely not bowl guaranteed!) and then CBJ vs. Chicago on TV tonight. Let's see which version of the Jackets show up at Nationwide tonight, I'm hoping it's Thursday night's team but fear it will be Monday's.