Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Yes, believe it or not I watched most of SNL through Weekend Update. The opener was brilliant, Michael Phelps could have been worse (loved Poehler "Mom" and real Mom!) I think I spotted that Guy Fieri from Food Network next to William Shatner. I hope Priceline paid for that plug!

Kentucky won a game last that historically they would have lost on the final play. I mean, I can list dozens of games through the years that UK lost in the last moments. Kentucky's kicker had a dreadful, and I mean dreadful, game, but there he was to kick a FG that would put us up by 9 with 20 seconds or so left. The only way you can lose in that situation, of course, is for MTSU to block the kick, recover the ball, and Hail Mary it down the field. Of course, this is EXACTLY what happened. I'm listening to the call online and I'm thinking "damn, here we go again" and flashing back to my last time in Commonwealth (which just happened to be the LSU game. No, not last year's game. Yeah, THAT one.) Somehow...some way...thanks to Robbie McAtee pulling down the MTSU guy who of course caught the Hail Mary around the ONE yard line...UK actually pulled victory from the pending jaws of defeat with time expired. The dreaded high ankle injury bug hit big time as well in the 1st half. Sheesh, thank heavens we have a bye week and one more non-SEC team scheduled before the SEC season starts.

While UK was trying really hard to lose their football game last night, USC was annihilating The OSU last night by a score of 35-3. Guess that will shut up everyone around here for a day or two. I hope.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today's Foodie Post

I did not fix the chicken noodle soup referenced in yesterday's post. Instead, we grilled out homemade burgers and I cooked up a few sides for dinner. Afterwards, I roasted a few pounds of bone-in chicken breasts for the soup recipe--now pushed to tomorrow since it's supposed to be rainy and cooler. I've got Sloppy Chicken Enchiladas in the oven for dinner now since it's soccer and show choir night.

I even packed up a lunch today, although it wasn't technically a cute little bento but in my lunchbox. A Laughing cow wedge with crackers, banana, vanilla yoplait and granola bar doesn't bento very well anyhow! I bought a lot of things that should work easily for bento lunches yesterday: mini cheese ravioli, chicken potstickers, carrots, crackers, salad fixings, and some granola (to mix with yogurt since I hear that's yummy). Fixed a big pot of rice for the week as well. Now to find a real bento box, or a tupperware with dividers that would work!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Sports Roundup

Seriously, Andy Murray beat Rafael Nadal today in 4 sets. It's Andy Murray vs. Roger Federer for the US Open championship tomorrow afternoon. Seriously. I can't wait for the final tomorrow.

Kentucky beat Norfolk State 38-3 on Saturday to go 2-0. Norfolk State's band beat UK's band at halftime though. I hope someone YouTube's their show as I heard it was great. DH, oldest and youngest sons went to Ann Arbor for the game and brought home a win, matching sunburns, a bag filled with Michigan gear and the best souvenier cup ever (a travel mug instead of one of those huge flimsy plastic cups!) They got home in time for the ending of the Ole Miss (darn) and WVU games (oh yeah, and guess who's ranked #14 in this week's ESPN poll? That's right, ECU!)

Ohio State. Oh, poor Ohio State looked pathetic yesterday. For their sake, let's hope they simply completely overlooked Ohio U. If not, well, USC is going to have a lot of fun next weekend with them.

I refused to watch/listen to the Dolphins today, just on principle (and because here in Bengals/Browns/Steelers country the odds of getting a Dolphins game on TV is slim to none). I'm as sick of the words "Brett Favre" as I am of "Sarah Palin".

Speaking of the Republican VP nominee--and keeping this on a sports theme--all I'll say about her is that being a hockey mom DOES NOT mean she's qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Hey, look what I found!

My goal for the first two weeks of September was to cook dinners at home. It seems that even with planning, at least twice/week we're either going out for dinner or ordering in. I can cook, but I've really gotten out of the habit of anything outside of the tacos/chili/grilling (which I love but my men are sick and tired of!) routine.

I put together a menu plan for last week and this week and am doing well so far with it. The only variation was ordering Pizza Hut on Wednesday instead of fixing shrimp alfredo, because the high school girls' tennis team was doing a fundraiser where 20% of each order went to them. Worthy cause, we know girls on the team, and their pasta stuff wasn't all that bad. But I digress...

DS #3 asked the other day if I could make homemade chicken noodle soup along with the pot of white chili I was cooking up. I can do chili well, but soup? Soup and Sandwiches are actually on my menu plan, but I fully planned to open cans of the familiar red & white cans vs. making my own. The few times I've tried homemade soup have resulted in massive fails, even when using a starter mix or "soup kit" helper. Since I MUST go to the grocery today, I decided to type in "easy chicken soup" and was pointed to Simple Daily Recipes. Guess what I'm making after I get back (and get everything put away)?

Where has this website been all my life and why didn't I already have it bookmarked before now?