Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hey, it's a start, right?

Ever spend an afternoon reading blogs thanks to Pinterest? That's what I did yesterday when I could barely move. Even better, they were organizing blogs, so my crazy mind starts thinking "Time to get moving, kiddo!" So this morning after taking my RA med/supplements PLUS Tylenol Arthritis, I decided to start on the kitchen. I did some cleaning out before middle child returned to campus this fall, but this time decided to really cut out some stuff. I mean, how many re-usable water bottles and hot/cold drink mugs do three people really need? Same for coffee cups, especially considering that we prefer mugs to coffee cups. Since I am ready to get rid of the coffee cups, might as well clean out those matching Lenox Blue Pinstripes saucers too. Hello space!

We don't have little ones anymore, so our household first aid kit is in our kitchen cabinets. I also shop at Costco, so I do tend to stock up on the meds we use around here. It was also good to have a quick inventory before cold and flu season hits, especially for hard candies that we prefer over those nasty chemical cough drops!

Didn't think to take "before" pictures, but here are the "afters":

These cabinets are on the left of my stove/microwave:

1st Cabinet:

2nd Cabinet:

3rd Cabinet:

I was pretty much wiped after doing three cabinets, but I am rather happy with the results so far. My head is ready to tackle the entire kitchen, but my body clearly says THAT IS ENOUGH. The joys of living with RA, but this is so much more than I could do yesterday so it's a win.

Excuse my lousy Blackberry camera skills, along with my rudimentary captioning on the photos. There's still nine cabinets, seven drawers, and one pantry to go in the kitchen. Add in a downstairs bathroom, one laundry area, one coat closet, and multiple cabinets and the outdoor pantry in the garage and I have a task ahead of me. Luckily, my last day at work for the season is next Saturday, so I should have plenty of time between then and next spring to really get our home de-cluttered and a lot more livable for us!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just joined a new BzzCampaign for Burts Bees! Looking forward to getting the items and sharing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New job ramblings and more

Yep, still here but certainly not utilizing the blog nearly as much as I could. Then again, I recently started a new job and between training and adjusting to the new routine has been time consuming. I'm now working for a local company in the Consumer Services Department. I really enjoy it so far, and was able not only to negotiate a daytime schedule but unpaid time off for my AOII Convention later this summer. I'm also able to arrange my schedule (within reason!) for high school tennis matches, various appointments and to get the day off to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday. Life is good for this working girl!

Now, my department serves ALL of North America and her corresponding time zones, so it's staffed 7 days week/14 hours day. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have daytime hours even if I do have to work the occasional weekend morning or afternoon. Now if it would just stop raining around here!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yeah, I forgot about this, didn't I?

Might as well post something now that I've checked back in. You see, a sorority sister of mine gave up Facebook for Lent (ack!) She's still posting on her blog in the meantime, so since I missed seeing her gorgeous virtual self I checked out her blog...which led me to find a few other blogs I sorta kinda was following...which led me to update the decor and post something. So, here I am, again!